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Dionysis Theodorou - Rehovot, Israel | Part time/Freelance Position


I've been a believer since April 1998.       


My Testimony


I’m Greek-British-Israeli. I have lived in Israel since 2002 and I have Israeli citizenship. 


I’m fluent in reading, writing and conversational English, Hebrew and Greek. 


I studied Jewish History, Biblical Criticism and Hebrew Linguistics in the Hebrew Department at Hunter college of the City University of New York and at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. 


I have almost 30 years of experience in sales and online marketing. 


Since 2011 I’ve been self employed performing with my Greek music show, working in studio and live music production and teaching music and bouzouki. 


For the above businesses I created and manage these two popular websites in Hebrew for which I am responsible for all the content and promotion. 


Greek Show


Music Instruction 


I recently completed a 140 page book in Hebrew which is a practical method of learning Greek music and bouzouki. 


I am looking for a position in which I can put my knowledge, skills and experience to use for the Lord’s work. 


Yours in the Lord Yeshua,


Dionysis Theodorou



Past Papers New York 1999-2002 | Cyprus 2009-2011



Praise Music that I have produced



Website on Testimony of Faith in Yeshua

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